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Manager Assets

Spring Team Managers

This page is for our team managers to help them with getting started on their website. We will also place any documents that you might find useful in running your team, such as the Parent Code of Conduct form that you should get your parents to sign off on right at the start of the season.

New on ngin! RSVP System

Teams - Be sure to take full advantage of the RSVP system so the  coach/manager knows your AVAILABILITY for each practice, game or team event.

All of our MHD teams have access to their own team website. Below are the steps to get you going. There is lots of info in the ngin Support area. We will help you with any questions you have, just email Trent anytime at

  1. The very first thing you must do is REGISTER yourself on the MHD site by clicking the “Create an Account” link at the top of the website. After that, email Trent and let him know that you have done that and what team you are the manager of.
  2. We will create your team “Home” page and once you have ADMIN access (we will let you know) then you are ready to start adding content. You can add players to a roster, including their photos and some info on them, you can add game photos, articles, practices and other events to your Calendar, you can have stats on players and lots more.
  3. To add or edit content, you always have to log in first and then go to your team website. Then click on EDIT mode on the top right-hand side. Now you can begin to edit your site.
  4. Links on how to add content to your Team Page... 
  5. You will also want to get all of your parents to ‘Create an Account’ on the MHD site and then they can be added to your “Team Group”. That way you can bulk email them right from the website.


Spring Hockey Parent Code of Conduct

Please have all your parents sign a copy of this document and retrun to you. It will help make parents aware that we are serious in trying to create a positive environment for our teams and that we will not tolerate parents that are causing "issues" for the team whether it is directed at coaches or to other parents.